YouTube App Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

What is YouTube App? Its meaning, advantages and disadvantages: thin really refers to online working platform or may I say it refers to online videos sharing platform, where you can upload, download, sharing, viewing, rating, reporting or adding to playlist and commenting on video watched.

Mostly, the content on the YouTube are uploaded by individual while media cooperation such as CBS, BBC, Vevo and many more which offer some of their material through YOUTUBE as part of the Youtube partnership.

If you are not a registered member of Youtube you cannot have access to the site you cannot upload but you can only watch your favorite movie. While registered usersĀ  of this App are free to upload as much as possible numbers of videos and add comment to the videos.

To the small and big business entrepreneurship, you need to get or think about how to get your products and services in front of many people without a stealing heart.

Advantage of Youtube App to Our Society

Think of using Youtube to grow your business is a great success to our environment and great benefits to the business owners. Here are some points listed to described the benefits of this App.

  • Marketing on Youtube :- Market your goods on this App to get found on Google , as we all know, Google is a very popular or may I say a world wide search such as news book, images, videos and even the local searches are matched together in Google’s search results in order to gives out the best and reasonable information for users.

Note:- videos appears often in Google’s search results, it indicate Google’s consider video very important, and text only pages, you can use this advantage to write a very reasonable article on your site and create a complementary videos on Youtube doing this it will surely build your site backlink.

Using this App as part of your marketing strategy for you to grow your business on social media and this gives you the opportunity to double your authority of your website.

  • Build your E-mail list with this App :- Building up your e-mail list on this App, makes it easy while presenting or providing videos for your viewers.
  • Making money with AdSense:- Thinking of making money on your site by the use of AdSense on videos creations gives a lot of opportunity to earn money directly form your videos via what we known as Google AdSense for video programmes
  • Consider as a big digital library that catches both sound, images and videos
  • Youtube App can playback all videos that helps people’s not to miss the most interesting and awesome part
  • This is a very big classroom for learning and teaching, which save time and manage budget

Disadvantages of Youtube

  • This at time gives the young ones a bad view about what’s going on in the society due to unreasonable videos downloaded and watch free on the site
  • A lot of pirated movies and songs are on Youtube, which mainly affect the copy right owner.
  • Many videos were uploaded by another people and alter the whole life of the copy right just because of the free uploading of the videos
  • There are many videos downloaded without the rightful permission from the copy right.

How to Establish Your Youtube Channel Successfully

You might be thinking of how to establish your Youtube channel successfully without any stress, I think you are in a rightful page to know what to do and save yourself a lot of stress, so that your channel will stand out and have a lot of subscribers.

To get started, you will have to sign in with your account through Google’s with your relevant information with you know lets get started by using your Google Account.

YouTube App Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Go to Google’s Account and click on the sign in option display dialogue box on the right hand side of your gadgets either phones, laptop, palmtop or even your desktop when you have uninterrupted connection.
  • Create a new Google Account or login with your Google information to log-in
  • After the log-in, you can now upload your videos, comment on the other videos and customized your channel
  • Try and check the image on your Google Account is the one you will be using for you channel as well
  • After creating your own Youtube App account and you think of creating for your business as well to the the procedure you will follow is hereby listed below:
  • Sign in, into your Youtube App Account using your Google’s login information
  • Go to your channel and click on create a new channel
  • Then you may now type your brands’ name and click on create new
  • After that you are now free to customize your channel with your brands information and assets.


In this article you learn more about Youtube App, how to download, how to upload, the advantages and disadvantages of the Youtube Applications which gives you a more reasons to have the App on your gadgets and use it for many things you think you might need, sit back and go through this article and enjoy one of the best post of

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