What is Slack, Advantages and Disadvantages

Slack is a proprietary business communication platform developed by American software company, Technologies and now owned by Salesforce. This offers many IRC-style features, including persistent chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. Wikipedia.

This is an online platform for messaging, it is use to communicate to work as a group more effectively and also to connect all their software tools and services.

As a user you can find a vital information you need to do your works, their are many features of this App that is useful, here are some of it features.

Features of Slack

  • Setting reminders
  • Managing and tracking documents
  • Pinning messages and reference links to channels
  • Advanced search modifiers
  • Using shared channels across workspaces
  • Streamlining your sidebar
  • Lightning-quick navigation
  • Subscribing to RSS feeds

Now, lets see how these features work

Setting Reminders:- When there is a lot to do all you need to do is to set the reminder command to remind yourself or your loved ones an event, message, file or meeting to attend to. This is one of the features that most people love and it is easy to use.

You can add the Google Calendar App to stay on top of your schedule and commitments and even customize your notifications by channel, so you can concentrate on your work without worrying about missing important  updates.

Managing and Tracking Documents:- 

This will help you to arranged all work done in a place, it syncing  up with file management mainstays like  Google Drive  it helps cut a ton of back-and-forth for busy teams because you can access and discuss files directly in your channels without stress.

Pinning Messages and Reference Links to Channels

When gathering an information, it might be hurry, or urgent information the ability to pin messages to channels is the method for creating collective visibility around priorities and need to know items.

In each channel  you can pin up to 50 messages, files, or documents, but approaching that total sort of defeats the purpose as you want to make sure to  pin  most useful,  important messages and documents. Many users find it helpful to pin a message or two pertaining to the channel’s purpose, that way, channel members can quickly ascertain what information they will find.

Advanced Search Modifiers

Mostly on Google search, the search function in Slack helps you find what you need in a second. You can dial up exact matches by putting quotes in a term or after a partial word to search for any instances of that fragment, additional filters give you more options to narrow in on the exact message or file you’re looking for at your own convenience.

Using Shared Channels Across Workspaces

The Slack connects individuals in the same organization not to mention freelancers, contractors, and remote workers to keep everyone on the same page, this can also be use to collaborate with people outside your organization as well.

Shared channels allow you to connect across Slack workspaces, creating a direct line of communication between you and another company or organization that you’re working with. This capability is only available on paid plans, but it can be tremendously useful for coordinated efforts between two organizations or business units that require ongoing and secure communication.

Streamlining Your Sidebar

The sidebar menu offers an options to sort channels and direct messages to your specifications, that you need to keep up regularly and watch those channels ascend to the top of your sidebar, where you will not lose sight to them.

The sidebar theme can be customize if you want it, if the bright colors making your eyes hurts you can go with a muted style, you can change it to your favorite color combo. Like you can do whatever pleases your plate.

These can be done on mobile or desktop versions of Slack you can change it all to your taste, just move to the Preferences and then sidebar, here you will find predesigned themes plus an option to create your own.

Subscribing to RSS Feeds

These channels are the perfect place to share industry news and information with your team and track competitive intelligence  to stay tuned to your favorite blogs, news outlets, once you have installed the app, all you have to do is type /feed subscribe [feed address] and you’re good to go.https://babieskits.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2537&action=edit

Advantages of This App.

  • It is very quick in sharing files with others
  • Their emoji’s is very hilarious
  • It gives supporting information from other site
  • It is very easy for communication
  • Looking for someone in your network it make it easy
  • It is one of the fastest mobile App.
  • For every message received on the App there will always be a notification

Disadvantages of The App

  • Your message cannot be shared to public channel from direct message
  • You can’t block users in the platform
  • Notification can be so annoying
  • In sometimes the app are not really reliable.

After the advantages and disadvantages of this App discussed, let now move to how to download file, from the file.

How to Download Files from Slack

Note: Only image files can be downloaded on this App. Any files from file management too, such as box, Google Drive cannot be download.

  • Tap the image you want to save/download
  • You will have to click on the 3 dots
  • Proceed to download.
  • It will show the sign of downloading
  • Then, wait for some seconds or minutes it will downloaded to your phone.
How to Create Slack Account

What is Slack, Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Go to slack.com
  • Click on ” Get started” and then my team
  • It will ask for your email, then input your email address
  • You will need to verify your email with a code, go to the email provided to the the code send to you
  • Create a name for your workspace for company or your team
  • Click next
  • Then, enter what’s your company working on
  • In the next screen enter the names and email address of those your are adding to your workspace and invitation or request will be sent to them.
  • Click on see your channel in the App
  • You are on this App welcome page
  • Here, you will have many things you will do to setup your channel
  • If you scroll down little bit, choose a greeting that is message to your company or team mate will get it immediately they open up.
  • Below, enter a message for your channel, click on send when you are finished
  • You will be automatically taken to a page that you will set-up a username and password or it may take you directly to your channel.
  • Then, after then Click on finish set-up.
  • Choose your name and password
  • Click on Next.


In this App, you’ll save time by seeing all the discussions and files about a project in one place called  channel. “You can’t have a good conversation over email—it’s not quick enough. Coming together in Slack channels allows us to easily discuss day-to-day management topics among the team in a company.

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