Twitter Account Creating and how to Disable the Account

Twitter Account is known as a social networking services that connect the people around the world together, where the users can communicate, share their thought and send different messages known as “tweet”.

You cannot use this App until you are a registered member, but when you registered you will surely have access to all the advantages of this App. Such as share your post, message your friends and connect to unknown people whereby unregistered people cannot have access.

This App have more than twenty-five (25) offices around the globe. This App was developed by Jack Dorsey, Noahclass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone  in 2006, it was launched in July 2006. Talking about this App. it keep growing all over the word in 2012 over one-hundred Million (100 Millions users posted over 340 Millions of Messages per day.

We have talked about the usefulness of this App earlier but now we are going to outlines the steps to take when you want to have twitter Account, either on your phone or laptop.

How To Set-Up Twitter Account

To create a twitter App on your phone or laptop we have some steps to follows which are

  • Go to and click on the Sign-Up option
  • Fill in the dialog box that display, that is your information should be fill appropriately which require your Name, phone number, your e-mail and also the password, and the email you want to use must be registered one or you create new one with your nickname then after all the necessary information provided their code will be send to you which you will later provide to be able to continue the registration in other to know maybe the profile you provided belongs to you and not someone else.
  • Then you will have to create a password that you will remember all the time which must be at least six characters.
  • Thinking of how to get followers, before or during the process of signing-up of your twitter account, you will need to follow some numbers of people you are interested in this process doesn’t give you problem at all.
  • The twitter profile pictures:- This process does not necessary but for your followers to recognize and to boom your business its good to make use of a profile picture and you can change it time to time.
  • Your Biography-:- This aspect too is necessary and in this part you must add a URL (Website) so that your audience or followers will have easy access to your information in other to know you better.
  • Twitter Access:- The completion of your registration gives you the twitter access whereby you can login in easily to your account, to give your account a tangible meaning you must have uncountable flowers this also goes to you as well, you will also follow peoples that you have interest in.

When you think of synchronizing your account with email or other social network, if you think of liking your twitter account with your email such as Yahoo, Gmail it is easy for you to do so, and when you think of follow them up it is easy.

Some Terms Used in Twitter

Thinking of different terminologies used in twitter that will makes you to have much interest in your twitter account it goes thus:

  • Tweet: this is where you pass out your information such as message
  • Retweet: This means to share or repost another tweet from another users to shows it on your twitter profile
  • Twitter followers: These are your friends who follows you on twitter to know more about you and the information you pass out always.
  • Trending Topic (TT): These are the information, news that have more comments on the social media during specific period of time.
  • Unfollow: These are the people that decide not to follow you or other people in twitter platform when they unfollow you it means you cannot have access to the information and same goes to them they cannot have access to your information as well.
  • Twitter Verification Account: This is the account that have the authentic verification without any error

How to Choose a Twitter Username

Creating a new twitter username is one of the importance of platform, when you want to create an account with twitter the username must shows that you are a professional, you should make a name represent you, your business or your company. you must avoid some mistakes while creating the username whereby you can manage your account right.

Twitter Account Creating and how to Disable the Account

  • You must always enter your details, so that you can see the notification, and find new followers (friends) and keep your profile safe and update at all time
  • You must tag your friends so that they can follow you as well
  • Reply or comment to your friends post will gives you more audience

Advantages of Using Twitter

  • No need of stressing yourself when you think of creating one
  • It gives you reasons to meet new people even the influential
  • It as space for messages
  • When you publish any information your followers receive it with immediate effect
  • You can advertise your products in this platform
  • It can be used on your smartphone

Disadvantages of Using Twitter

  • You cannot upload any video on this platform
  • You cannot used more than 140 characters
  • If you want to tweet more than 140 characters, you have to used third party application.
  • Many fake site of this network is all round the corner
In Conclusion 

When you want to be socialize, choose the best network, either on your phone or your PC, to enjoy all the criteria of social network, take a chance to be part of this platform, it is easy to handle and operate.

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