This is typically an online platform, for sharing photo, to make video calls, sending messages, exchanging lots of features such as audio, stickers and many more. Telegram is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging service. The service also provides end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing and several other features. It was launched for iOS on 14 August 2013 and Android in October 2013. Wikipedia

Thinking of how to have this app on your phone, you don’t need to bother yourself, here are the procedure to follow when you need it.

How to Create Telegram Account


  • Download the telegram App
  • Open the App
  • Sign Up on the start messaging button
  • You will tap on the next button and indicate your country,  and phone number you want to use for the registration
  • After the necessary information, tap on the Tick Icon at the right corner top of the app
  • The App will send you SMS verification code to the registered number
  • You will have to enter the verification code in space provided on the screen
  • After your number has been verified, your account need to be set up
  • Here, your first and last name is required
  • Lastly, you will be congratulate, that your account as been created. Now you can now sit back and enjoy digital life.

Benefits/Advantages of Using Telegrams

  • This helps in sharing files as you want such as videos, photos that is up to 2GB
  • A large group can be created
  • You can hide or share secret conversations on this platform, it improves your privacy and avoiding possible incidents that common on other social media.
  • This is also available on some platforms, this can be use either on your iPhone, smartphone, Tablet and even on your PC
  • The security level is so high, be rest assure that with this app you are save
  • It is faster in connecting with others, and fast in processing information
  • You can send pictures, audio and videos as message
  • It defense your messages from hackers
  • The updating is always constants
  • This is a reliable platform you can always trust. 

Disadvantages of Using This App

  • To change your profile, you will need to delete the previous information provided, before you can upload new one
  • You cannot download multiples files once
  • No voice messages
  • You cannot go through the status of your contact.
  • They have a lesser database competitors than others

Here, there is different groups in this Platform, now let see the different group we have 

Different Types of Groups in Telegram

The groups are divided into two which are stated below

  • Super Group
  • Basic Group
  1. Super Group:- The maximum members of this is up to 100,000, this is for large communities, this have been design to host a large online communities so it can be loaded easily and they provide more advanced admin tools to admins and other members.
  2. Basic Group:- This groups can have up to maximum members of 200, it is called family group or small teams where they are ready to share anything with their family, friends and the other team members.

Features of Telegram Groups

The groups have many features, they  are hereby listed below such as

Mentions, Replies, and Pinned messages, Now lets discuss it one after the other


When you think of adding more people to your group or to join your ongoing conversation, then you will mention them in message, with this you will be notify about your new regularly. To answer/mention new from the group, to reach them would not be difficult all you need do is to click on the “@” button when you are in for the chat. The button will disappear automatically after reading the relevant messages.


To reply to a message just swipe left, type your text and send” after this you can respond to some message, when you reply the person will get the notification.

Pinned Messages

When you pinned a particular message, the pinned message will be displayed at the top of the chat screen by doing this, the notification will get to all the group members telegram is a very interesting platform to join.


Telegram create a benefit room for individual, groups, family, friend and to relative to chat and share your opinion with one another in a socialize ways, download and have app on your mobile phone gives you a best way to catch fun with one and other. For more update like this just click on 



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