Southeastern Oklahoma State University Scholarships

Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SE) understands the importance of making education accessible. To help alleviate the financial burden, they offer a diverse range of scholarships for incoming and returning students. Whether you’re a high school senior, transfer student, or seeking additional support to continue your studies, SE likely has a scholarship waiting for you to discover.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SE) is committed to making education accessible for students of all backgrounds and aspirations. They offer a diverse range of scholarships to help you finance your academic journey and achieve your full potential. Whether you’re a high-achieving incoming freshman, a dedicated transfer student, or a returning adult learner, there’s likely a scholarship waiting to support your educational goals.


Exploring Your Scholarship Options

SE’s scholarship offerings cater to a broad spectrum of students, encompassing various academic disciplines, extracurricular activities, and personal backgrounds. Here’s a glimpse into the treasure trove:

Academic Merit Scholarships: These scholarships reward students with exceptional academic achievements, as demonstrated by high school GPA and standardized test scores. Examples include the President’s Leadership Class and the John Massey Leadership Scholars Program, offering substantial financial support and leadership development opportunities.

Talent-Based Scholarships: SE recognizes and encourages students with unique talents and skills. Scholarships are available for athletes participating in intercollegiate sports, aspiring pilots pursuing aviation degrees, and students showcasing exceptional artistic abilities in theatre and music.

Need-Based Scholarships: SE understands the financial constraints faced by many students and offers need-based scholarships to alleviate the financial burden. These scholarships take into account factors like family income and demonstrated financial need.


Special Circumstance Scholarships: SE acknowledges the diverse needs of its student body and provides scholarships for students from specific backgrounds, such as Native American students, veterans, and first-generation college students.

Is Southeastern Oklahoma State University scholarships tuition different for international students?

While Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SE) offers various scholarships, their tuition fees remain the same for both domestic and international students. This means the scholarships do not directly lower the cost per credit hour.

Here’s the details of Southeastern Oklahoma State University tuition fees:

Undergraduate Tuition Rate:

  • In-state: $220 per credit hour
  • Out-of-state and International: $307 per credit hour

Graduate Tuition Rate:

  • In-state: $270 per credit hour
  • Out-of-state and International: $364 per credit hour

However, scholarships can still be incredibly beneficial for international students by:

Reducing the overall cost of attendance: Many scholarships offered by SE cover not just tuition, but also other expenses like housing, books, and fees. This can significantly reduce the financial burden on international students.

Increasing financial aid eligibility: Receiving a scholarship can improve your financial aid package, making you eligible for additional grants or loans.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University Tuition Costs

Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SE) strives to provide an affordable and accessible education, offering diverse scholarship opportunities to further support students financially. However, understanding the specific costs associated with attending SE is crucial for making informed decisions.

Tuition and Fees:

SE’s tuition and fees vary depending on your residency status and program type. Here’s a breakdown:


  • In-state: $220 per credit hour ($7,020 per academic year)
  • Out-of-state and International: $307 per credit hour ($15,930 per academic year)


  • In-state: $270 per credit hour
  • Out-of-state and International: $364 per credit hour

other expenses need to be factored in:

  • Housing and dining: On-campus housing costs vary depending on your chosen plan, ranging from ~$6,400 to ~$8,200 per academic year. Meal plans can range from ~$3,000 to ~$5,800 per year.
  • Books and supplies: Estimated to cost around $1,000 per year.
  • Transportation: Costs depend on your individual needs but can include car payments, gas, parking, or public transportation passes.
  • Personal expenses: This includes items like clothing, entertainment, and healthcare.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University Financial Aid

Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SE) recognizes the financial challenges students face and offers a diverse range of financial aid options to help you achieve your educational aspirations.

SE’s financial aid primarily falls into three categories:

1. Grants: This free money doesn’t require repayment and is awarded based on financial need and specific criteria. Some notable grants at SE include:

  • Federal Pell Grant: Federally funded grant for undergraduate students with exceptional financial need.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG): Need-based federal grant with limited funding, awarded to eligible undergraduate students.
  • Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG): State-funded grant for Oklahoma residents enrolled at least half-time.

2. Scholarships: These awards are based on merit, such as academic achievement, community involvement, or specific talents. SE offers numerous scholarships, including:

  • President’s Leadership Class: Provides a tuition waiver and fosters leadership development opportunities.
  • John Massey Leadership Scholars Program: Offers a comprehensive financial package and leadership training for high-achieving students.
  • Academic Merit Scholarships: Reward academic excellence for students with high GPAs and standardized test scores.
  • Departmental and Program-Specific Scholarships: Support students pursuing specific academic paths.

3. Loans: These borrowed funds need to be repaid with interest after graduation. SE offers federal loans with various repayment options.


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