Pinterest Advantages and Disadvantages

Pinterest this is a platform that shares images, social media service that is designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the internet through using images and on a smaller scale, videos and GIFs in form of pinboard. The was founded in December 2009 and launched January 2010, the site was created by Ben SilbermannPaul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, and had over 478 million users as of March 2021.
This idea was emerged from an earlier app this is called Tote then it was created by Ben Silberman and Paul Sciarra, this served as a virtual replacement for paper catalogues, the difficulties that the Tote faced is significant on the mobile payment.
Literarily, the mobile payment technology was not sophisticated enough to enable easy on-the-go transactions, the development of this app began in 2009, and it was launched in March 2010, later after like nine months of launching, the site had up to 10,000 users, whereby Silbermann wrote the first 5,000 users offering his phone number and meeting with some of them.
Pinterest grew rapidly from August 10 and it was listed among the “50 best website of 2011” article in December 2011, it became one of the top 10 largest social network services with almost 11 million total visits per week.

Some of the Advantages of Pinterest 

  • Over 150 million users on this App, this really show is a great platform you can think of 
  • It keeps all your information right and it is well organized and help to share things you love in a place through creation of your own board
  • You can add pin to this
  • You can link your other social media account such as twitter or Facebook
  • Your profile can be edit
  • This application is available to all smartphone
  • It teaches you a lot when you glance through the pictures or videos 
  • Finding a way to engage with your customers, it an important part of social media like marketing strategy 
  • It drive lot of traffic
  • It promote content 
  • It Humanize your brand
  • It promote your article 

Disadvantages of this App

  • The traffic on Pinterest is attractive to a very specific audience:- The mostly use of this are women, that they are under the age 45 and above

  • Use a specific Image
  • Some legal issues must be considered
  • Many boards on Pinterest are not necessarily business oriented
  • Know repins, because they are not always a good thing
  • It is difficult to fully automate
  • Constant content needs to be shared to get noticed
  • Your content might appear on an unwanted places

Moreover, when you think of having this app on your android, not to worry much all you need to do is to sit back and open the account on your phone, the procedure is here follow below.

How to Create The  Account

Pinterest Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Visit the
  • Choose sign up, you can use your email address to sign in
  • You can also choose to use your Facebook Account to sign in just click on continue with Facebook and log in to your Facebook account or sign in with your Google account if you want to.
  • You will receive a welcome message from the App, then select Next.
  • Then set up the drop down questions and click done
  • Go to your email and check the message sent from Pinterest and confirm your email address.
  • Lastly, you are done with your account by confirming the email address

How to link your business account with your personal account in Pinterest no need to stress yourself all you need to do is to follow the below procedures:

  • Log in to your existing personal account
  • On the top, right corner just click on the (3) dots
  • Choose Add a free business profile
  • Follow the illustration or instruction that follows to create your business account
  • Then, you can create your business account separately without linking it to your personal account.
  • Just log out from your personal account
  • Go to the Site business account creation options
  • Fill in your email, password, business name and choose your business type
  • Choose create account, follow the instruction that follows and have a separate business account.
How to Turn Off Pinterest
  • Log in to your account
  • Click the direction down icon the top right corner to open your menu
  • Click on settings
  • Click on account settings from the left-side 
  • Under the account changes, click deactivate account
  • Then you click next and your account deactivated or turn off


This is a place where you explore your inspiration, it is easy to deal with no stress and panic, and it is mainly used by women that their 45 and above. You will love how they share their images and the short videos just think of joining the league of a big women in town by creating your own account today.

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