What is POS, Advantages and Disadvantages (Point Of Sale)

What do you really understand by the word POS, the full meaning of this word and the usefulness, what is the advantages and disadvantages POS terminal, this machine, we are going to discuss it in this article.

Point of sale (POS),  known as  point of purchase, it a place where you can send, withdraw and transfer money from one bank to the other or pay some taxes such as Nepa bill, Dstv. subscription and many more through is wonderful machine called P.O.S terminal. 

This machine use smart card called ATM card that you will use to process your payment on this machine. You can also use it for mobile data subscription. 

Usefulness of  POS Terminal Machine (Point of Sale)

Points of sale is an important machine that make transfer easy for you if you don’t wish to go your bank to send, or withdraw money you can easily work to their stand make your money processed.

A point of sale is a place where a customer executes the payment for goods or services and where sales taxes may become payable.

A point of sale transaction may occur in person or online, with receipts generated either in print or electronically. 

Point of sale systems are increasingly interactive, particularly in the hospitality industry, and allow customers to place orders and reservations and pay bills electronically at your own convenient time.

It has become mandate for modern business to offer easy way payment solution for their customers who prefer to pay with their credit or debit cards. 

we called this an opportunity to all customer whose found it difficult to visit bank before getting their goods. Now this is a great option of choosing from a wide variety of smaller credit card machines that offer the greatest point and easy use of this terminal.

However, we are concern with the advantages of this machine let now see the advantages.

Advantages of Point of Sale Terminal Machine (POS)

  • It is easy to use 
  • it save time, no need of queuing 
  • It minimize error
  • Faster in all ways
  • It generate a simple account
  • It gives you what you desire such as result printing i.e it generate printing result.
  • It provide employment. 

Disadvantage of Point of Sales Terminal

  • The internet problem may be one of the disadvantage of this machine because when the server bad the machine will be malfunction.
  • If you do not enter your PIN with proper care it could be read by someone watching
  • The fraudulent machine can be used to know your card details
  • Reliable internet connectivity is highly essential for your POS terminal operation because without this the machine may be mismanage in a second.
  • It can be infected with malware also.

 Different Types of Terminal Machine 

  • GPRS Credit Card Terminal Machine
  • Portable Credit Card Terminal
  • Static/countertop Credit Card Terminal
  • Wi-Fi Credit Card Terminal

GPRS Credit Card Terminal Machine

What is POS, Advantages and Disadvantages (Point Of Sale)

This type of credit card terminal, it really perfect for business most especially on the move, this card can be taking on the move at any point in time, in any location allowing maximum profitability for your business. This machine is also ideal for events.  Our GPRS Credit Card Machines allow Contactless Payments meaning the complete sales process is quicker than a standard Chip and PIN transaction.


Portable Credit Card Terminal

What is POS, Advantages and Disadvantages (Point Of Sale)

This terminal process simple and easy to use, enter the credit card information in to the terminal (the credit card terminal) and connects with your payment steps. 

Your wireless terminal facilitates transaction between you (the business owner and the payment processor. The customer’s issuing bank and gives you the transaction prints immediately after use and this is completed within few minutes.

The wireless credit card terminal works in so many ways it added freedom to accept credit card payments in most areas. This machine gives you a free access to visit your customer and finalize their transaction in their places. This machine gives you are rest of mind in all ways.

Static/countertop Credit Card Terminal

What is POS, Advantages and Disadvantages (Point Of Sale)

You should always treat your customers nice, whichever way your customer prefer to pay for their goods it their choice but having one of the best credit card is a nice choice, the countertop credit card gives you the best service they can with easy facilitate payment, when you have your card and correct PIN with you.

The machine offer the best quality you can think of always and it a satisfaction of payment.

Wi-Fi Credit Card Terminal

Wi-Fi credit card terminal machine offers complete flexibility when thinking to take card payments in your business. This machine does not required hardwired phone but internet connection is required and similar to your smart phone.

The machine need the SSID and password to connect to your wanted Wi-Fi connection. The payment speed of the Wi-Fi credit card terminal machine is very faster and its reliable all the time.

This machine makes your transaction easy as long as the internet connection in ON and working perfectly, this reduce stress of queue in the bank and it is called trust worthy machine.  


The POS terminal machine reduce the stress of queue in the bank for so long, it is reliable, and faster, easy transaction from one bank to the other  in all ways. No need of going out with much cash just take you ATM card and your correct PIN to ensure easy access always. 


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