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LinkedIn is an American business and employment oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Launched on May 5, 2003, the platform is primarily used for professional networking and career development, and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs. Wikipedia

This is a social media network which majorly based on networking career upliftment, which can be used in searching or getting a job of your choice, by displaying your curriculum Vitae (CVs) and makes your career great by updating and interacting with other people.

LinkedIn is free except the subscription part called LinkedIn premium offer additional features such as online lectures and seminars to people searching and viewing your profile. This Application is owned by Microsoft company, and this helps people to  makes business connection the share their views and more details about them when searching for job.

This site offers lots of opportunities which is hard to find in other places, it gives a lot reasons to search and even create a job for the job seekers, here, we can discuss a lot on how to tour in this App.

A Tour on LinkedIn

  • Me:- This is where you can add your profile, that is very similar to your Curriculum Vitae (CVs) and makes your biodata  available by posting or giving your experience, your present location, your education career and even your accomplishment, if you considered the App Account it is a refined as your resume as you expect professional connections and recruiters to check it out.
  • Messaging:- It is a set in for message platform, where you can used it to chat with the linkedin users in your network. Its also used to create or send message to outside your network with something called In-mail.
  • Job:-This create a chance if getting information from company you are interested in., You can search  or even apply for jobs and set up a notification, and get email wherever new job is being post.
  • My Network:- This is where you will locate or search for LinkedIn Users to invite them to join your network. You can see your working network connections and you will also see existing notification you have received from others from another platform such as Facebook.
  • Home:- This is where you see the users post, comment, like and even share and you to can do such or partake  by repost or re-sharing it on your status

How to Create This Application Account

LinkedIn Application

  • Creating your Account:- You have to download the App on your Phone, then open the App webpage, where this will open a page with many text field , whereby you will provide your personal information
  • Enter your details:- The page that opened at the first page, is where you will add your details such as first name, last name, your e-mail, where you can be contacted through your password ( your preferred password)
  • Then click on Join NOW,
  • Under the dialog box display, click on “Country giving this information will prompt a dropdown menu
  • Then click on your current Country of residence
  • Type in your current zip code under the box below the Country box
  • Click next:- below the zip code box
  • Indicate maybe you are a student or by clicking on yes or no box at the top of the page
  • Input the title of your job and company that you which to work with due to your current location.

After discussing on how to create this application, now, what we need to know again is about the advantages and disadvantages of this Application. Now the Advantages

Advantages of LinkedIn

  • It links you up to an entrepreneur
  • This is an amazing application that provide job vacancies on the internet by making a post and make it easy for the researchers
  • This application helps to update on new job and to share you CVs and experiences on the media
  • The application gives details information about your endowed employee and allowing to view the profile
  • The application gives you a lot of opportunity in secure your best job when you provide your bio data as required.

Disadvantage of This Application

  • Investment of starting time:- this takes a long period of time to get connected, to create and conversation, because you are stating with a proper introduction before you can be successful in using the application for your business growth.
  • Spam connection.
  • Other people can copy your steps after using the application.


For your proper ways of getting or seeking job online, the best application to use by dropping your profile, your details is the LinkedIn application, its give you 100% assurance of getting what you desire, think of social media when seeking for job always, for more update and article on social media stuff just click on for better update.

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