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Aka ms remoteconnect:  Great people have you ever held/know about what is called website? or any idea of what is use for.

To make use of this website to connect to others while you and others are playing Minecraft, this precisely setup the cross-play engine on their PC or How to solve the cross-play error?  when the site is not working.

In this article you will know much about website and how you and your friend can enjoy the cross-play engine and Minecraft. Really Means What?

This website enables people to play Minecraft, at home, workplace, playground with others with devices except for their one.

This site makes smooth playing Minecraft on PS4, Nintendo switch, greatly, to play on any of this Non-Microsoft device, you must be a registered user whereby you can log in with a free Microsoft account to play others on their devices with Microsoft devices.

This Microsoft allows all the  Minecraft players plays on various devices such as the Windows PC, on your smartphone, iOS device and even the PS4 switch devices to be able to play with one and other who have the Minecraft game installed on their Xbox One or Xbox 360 with their free Microsoft account log in.

How to Use the Xbox Mobile App to Setup Microsoft Remote Connect on  Xbox One?

  • Visit on your game console (Xbox).
  • Login with your free Microsoft account
  • Follow the display on screen guidance
  • This only available for mobile users.
  • This how the display box will look then you enter all necessity.
    • Nintendo Switch/Minecraft

 Setting-up Cross-play Engine Xbox

  • You will first visit Microsoft store on your Xbox One or 360
  • Download search
  • Get started or search for Minecraft for Xbox One
  • This cost you nothing because it is free to download when you have Minecraft: Xbox One edition.
  • You can now start the MInecraft game
  • You will have to follow the instruction giving or display on the screen on setting-up cross play with others who already set-up the cross-play on their device.

Are you facing the error code 0x0 0x0 on your Windows computer? Here are the steps to fix Windows error code 0x0 0x0

Setting-up Ms remoteconnect/Minecraft Cross-Play On Your PS4 or Nintendo Switch?

Once you set-up your Minecraft cross-play on your PS4 or Nintendo all you need to do is to follow this simple steps

  • You will have to visit the Nintendo shop on your Sony PlayStation Store or PS4 console
  • ON Nintendo Switch: search for “Minecrat” and click on the download Minecraft for Switch.
  • On PS4: Enter “Minecraft PS4” and click on the download Minecraft for PS4
  • You will have to register for the Microsoft Users Account.
  • Visit the Minecraft home screen on your device and click on the option to sign in.
  • Click on the link, this will redirect you from the login page to the remote connection.
  • Try noticing the eight-digit activation code, because you will require this code to activate your account on aka ms remote connect official site.
  • Here your web browser is required to be Open  and visit
  • You can do this on your Windows or your mobile browser.
  • Enter the code on your console screen.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • Follow the guidance on the screen to finish the process to log in. 

How to Delete or Wipe Off All the Minecraft Saved and Corrupted Game Date?

To wipe away or delete all unwanted Minecraft saved on your device no need to worry all you need to do is to follows this simple instructions:

  • Get Started with Minecraft
  • Go to settings
  • You will now click on the System settings
  • Click on the Storage
  • Follow by clicking on the “Game Storage” to access the Minecraft store files
  • Then, try to remove all unwanted files in Launchy the Minecraft.


This is simple techniques to know about the website, because all you need to get or know about this website are vividly discussed in this article which we believed it will help you a lot concerning any issue based on Minecraft ms remoteconnect. 



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