Best Online MBA in Sustainability Programs

Are you in search of an MBA program that is flexible for you? Are you looking for the best online MBA in sustainability Programs? With the increasing demand for MBA degrees searching for the best MBA programs and finding the top online MBA in sustainability is a difficult task but do not panic, we have sorted a list of the best online MBA in sustainability programs for your personality.

Sustainability is no longer a niche concern; it’s a driving force shaping businesses and industries worldwide. As companies strive for environmentally and socially responsible practices, the demand for skilled professionals in sustainability management is surging.


An online MBA in sustainability equips you with the business acumen and sustainability expertise to lead this positive change. But with numerous programs available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

This blog post guides you through the top contenders in the online MBA in sustainability arena, helping you find the program that aligns with your career aspirations and learning style.

Top-Ranked Programs

University of Southern California (USC) Wrigley Institute for Environment and Sustainability: This program, offered by the prestigious USC, boasts a strong reputation and a focus on practical skills through their “lead from wherever you are” approach.

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU): SNHU offers an affordable and flexible online MBA with a specialization in sustainability and environmental compliance, ideal for working professionals seeking career advancement.


Concordia University Wisconsin: This program emphasizes practical application and ethical leadership, preparing graduates to tackle real-world sustainability challenges.

Choosing the Right Program

When selecting your program, consider these factors:

1. Accreditation: Ensure the program holds accreditation from a recognized body, ensuring its quality and meeting industry standards.

2. Curriculum: Evaluate the course offerings to see if they align with your specific interests within sustainability, such as renewable energy, sustainable supply chains, or social impact investing.

3. Faculty Expertise: Look for programs with faculty who possess strong academic credentials and real-world experience in sustainability.

4. Flexibility: Consider the program’s format (asynchronous, synchronous, hybrid), workload, and completion time to ensure it fits your schedule and learning style.

5. Cost and Financial Aid: Compare tuition fees and explore scholarship opportunities to make the program financially feasible.

Cost of Online MBA in Sustainability Programs

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of Online MBA in Sustainability Programs, including factors to consider:


  • Range: Costs vary significantly depending on the university and its reputation. Expect to pay anywhere from $25,000 to upwards of $80,000 for the entire program.
  • Public vs. Private: Public institutions generally offer more affordable tuition than private universities.
  • Payment Models: Some programs may have fixed tuition per semester, others charge per credit hour, while some offer flat monthly rates as part of a subscription model.
  • Residencies: Hybrid programs with on-campus residency components can add to the overall cost.

Best Online MBA in Sustainability Programs

Here are 5 universities that offer excellent online MBA in Sustainability programs:

1. University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business)

Program Focus: USC’s online MBA with a specialization in Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability provides students with a strong foundation in business fundamentals along with in-depth knowledge of sustainable business practices.

Features: This program emphasizes hands-on experience and real-world applications, preparing graduates to lead organizations that prioritize environmental and social impact.

2. Southern New Hampshire University

Program Focus: SNHU offers an MBA in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance that focuses on developing skills in managing environmental regulations and creating sustainable business solutions.

Features: This program is known for its affordability and flexibility, making it ideal for working professionals seeking to advance their careers in sustainability.

3. Antioch University

Program Focus: Antioch offers a unique MBA in Sustainability with a focus on leadership, systems thinking, and social change.

Features: The program takes a holistic approach, integrating business skills with a deep understanding of social justice, ecological responsibility, and community resilience.

4. University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

Program Focus: The Sustainable Management MBA at UW-Green Bay centers around environmental, economic, and social dimensions of sustainability and emphasizes practical decision-making skills.

Features: This program is known for strong faculty with industry experience and an active network of sustainability professionals.

5. Bard College

Program Focus: Bard offers a low-residency hybrid MBA in Sustainability, combining online learning with short on-campus residencies. The focus is on building practical skills and a strong network in the sustainability field.

Features: This program attracts students who want a strong sense of community, direct interaction with faculty and peers, and a focus on experiential learning.


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