Amazon Best Affiliate Marketing

Amazon one of the best affiliate marketing in the whole wide word, it is the largest online retail company with bork selling, this company has expanded to sell a wide, furniture, consumers goods, digital media and as well as gadgets such as phones, android, tablets, televisions, laptops, streaming media adapter and even the e-book readers; this web service is also a comprehensive that involve cloud computing platform.

This company was sited in Sealttle, Washington, the company has a different website for individual, software development center, customer service center and fulfilment center in different location globally.

Thinking of having account with the amazon to join the company all you need do is to create an account with them and this had three different ways of doing so, let quickly see the step by step taking to create account with them.

Method 1 of 3

personalizing your account

Editing your payment option: immediately you have finished creating your Amazon Account and you want to add a payment method to your account. Follow this steps one by one

  • Login to or open it from the shopping app
  • At the upper left corner you will see three parole lines, click on it
  • Click your Account
  • Then click on manage payment options
  • Scroll down and click add card or add a payment method on mobile
  • Enter the name on the card and the card number
  • Enter the expiring date in the drop menu
  • Click on Add your card

You can add shipping address using the following steps to add shipping address to your account.

  • Log in to the websites or open their shopping App
  • Tap the icon with three parole lines at the upper left corner
  • Tap to your Account
  • Click Your Address
  • Click add a new address on mobile
  • Use the form to enter your name, street address, State and also your city. The zip cod, phone number as well as any delivery instruction
  • Click to add address.

To Personalize your profile: gladly follow this steps. if you care abut privacy then you should be very careful to limit your information that can be visible on your profile.

  • Log in to the site, open the Amazon shopping app
  • Click the Icon with three parole line at the upper left corner
  • Click your account
  • Click your profile
  • Click the Icon that look like human image and click upload
  • Click a profile image and open image in your gallery
  • Click edit Profile
  • Then answer all the questions
  • Scroll down and click save.

Method 2 of 3 Using Amazon Website

Using their Mobile App.

  • Open their mobile app for many purpose, because they have many app for many purposes, they includes Amazon Alexa, photos, shopping, music prime video and more
  • Click on create a new account: this is located at the bottom of the page with grey button. if you are giving this app, click on create and account below the yellow button that indicate sign in, then click on create account at the top of the page. and if it is audible you are using, tap continue at to top of the open page and click on create Amazon Account at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your name by using the first bar at the top of the same page with your full name.
  • Proceed by giving a valid phone number, or e-mail address using the second bar to enter the e-mail or your phone number but the e-mail must be accessible incase of login to your account using another device.
  • Typed in your security code which is your password using the third bar, and the password more not less than 6 character long and it must be a combination of capital, lower, number and special character (? ! ” @) and many more, and be sure of the password used.
  • Continue with click on create account or verify e-mail it depends on which app you are dealing with and the following page will ask your to enter a one time password (OTP) that you will retrieve from you e-mail.
  • Then, check your e-mail after registering your account through your Gmail account
  • You will receive message to verify your new account from the said company, but if you are unable to receive direct message from them, then go back to the App and check the e-mail address you entered and resend you OTP.
  • Copy the OTP
  • go back to the App click the home button at the bottom center of your mobile device. Click on the App you are using to create the account.
  • Then verify again by enter your OTP

Method 3 of 3 Using Amazon Website

Follow this step one after the other for best result

Amazon Best Affiliate Marketing

  • Go to using the web browser of your choice
  • Click on Account list
  • click on create your account
  • enter your full name, email, password, re-enter your password to confirmed and click  on create your account. and make sure all the information provided were correct including your name, password which must not less than 6 characters, then click on create account then you will be sent a confirmation code to your email address
  • After you might have registered your account, check your email and there will be displayed page that request for your OTP, here you can now open your email in another tab and copy the OTP
  • Then go back to the registration page after you have retrieved your OTP then create your account
  • Enter the one time password (OTP) and click verify and if your OTP is invalid you will need to resend.

In Conclusion

The best marketing place ever or shopping online platform you will enjoy with full option, try using this app on shopping account gives you the best you can’t ever imagine with your online daily needs, either buying or selling of e-books, it is a comprehensive platform that involves in cloud computing forum.

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